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Monday, November 12, 2012


  • Accomp -- EcoHack3 (microbe research note, video of home made cotton candy to catch microbes), supporting several independent mapper groups, some reimbursements.
  • Goals -- EPA grant, organizing loaner equipment, getting organized for helping with admin, help interviewing.


  • Goals: Website survey finished, PBS post, 990 and CPA review finished, Dev. Mgr. interviews, barn raising eval, BYOD, WWF thing, TAC tool eval, reimbursements, prep for OD talk
  • Accomplishments: Almost done w/ web survey, CPA review, review of Dev. Mgr. positions


Goals: hiring process help, figure out retail spectrometer sourcing with Jeff, Alex K collaboration, Map updates... Accomp. Helped Chris C. get his Uganda mapping underway


  • Absent


*Accomp: recovered from travel & sickness... nothing else. * Goals: Spectrometer laser cut issues, gomberg kites supplier contract, other retail stuff, Grassroots mapping forum notes collection, logging my hours, reimbursements.


  • Absent


  • who will do newsletter this week? Liz?
  • what if there was a dedicated mailing list just for the newsletter? start this discussion in web group.
  • Liz -- google docs organization -- who has a good system that i can copy? search function is preferable.
  • who is shared on dropbox? can we unshare people and start organizing this? How do people use dropbox to accept photos from community members?
  • admin docs, not many in dropbox? because inappropriate to have personal info online, shan has locally.
  • issue with sharing passwords on different services -- no other good options.
  • to help with admin, focus on fundraising (grant research and delivery) and membership. Continuing even once we hire a full time person. We can each take a specific role on grant writing, almost metaphorically rolling through timezones (start on east, proofread on west coast).


  • Organizers call at 12:20 this week, Stewart moderating.


Newsletter suggestions * * * * * * * Boston mapping on the 17th * Bayou Bienvenue meeting on the 27th * Openly Disruptive