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Staff call notes 10 9 2012

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


  • Goals:lots of archive maps to add this week, get desktop spectrometer ready
  • Accomplishments, finding helium


  • goals: updating WCU campus map, rekindle relationship with Riverlink, find funding for employment starting late summer 2013


  • Goals: book proposal, in Eugene/Salem currently- next week other work. week 21st- taking comp time


  • Goals: initial orders for postcard and kit spectrometers for Nov Dec respectively
    • stock, how much inventory to carry - its
      • conduit boxes ($3-4 ea) - alum or plastic - $3-4000 - $15,
        • $8.60 each - $8600
    • Divide up by reward for spectrometer KS- Mathew can take over postcards
    • Stewart & Jeff chat about some batch of to-dos for Stu to take over


  • Goals: Teaching MapKnitter workshop (getting paid for), serve BayKeeper and RiverKeeper and a couple people from City PLanning Dept on city planning. Did Hudson River Fdn come in? $750 coming in from Parsons also.


  • Goals: BOD meeting, 990s wrap up, accounting setup, barn raising
  • Accomplishments: same as above


  • SD- email from Don (and TAC) about partnering on grants- want to review issues w/ TAC grant process- staff being paid for Public Lab work- should be doing Public Lab organizing- PL involved in writing of grant. PL involved in conversation- contributing time/resources back to PL community- per case basis- Shan fundraising grant/partnership
  • Darlene (SciStarter)- cross listing onto their site
  • Can we get people assigned to upcoming grants/funding ops?
  • Want to ask Bobbie to join the BOD- opening of 2 positions.
  • TAC person for barn raising