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Staff call notes 10 4 2012

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Finalizing Retail Report (July 2011 - June 20 2012)

Finalizing Web Report -- DONE

Staff meeting and barn raising

  • share-- how to leverage volunteers locally and at a distance
    • ethics of participation
    • designing workshop documents for distant and local participation
    • community involvement and design
    • Barnraising e-mail list-- take over 2011 barnraising group

Mat’s ideas for retail

  • Kickstarters are hard to manage, so let’s do an independant push via store for holiday. Look at making a retail store on a breakout page that is slightly separated by Breadpig. Perhaps work with different fulfillment company, especially T-Shirts. *Grassroots Mapping Forum Subscriptions-- 250 members in order to do bulk mailing. Issue with Amplifier, 1000 makes it sustainable. fulfillment -- their link to subscribe wasn’t working for weeks.
  • organizers issue:
    • ideas: can we get CIEL to talk about legal outcomes?
    • contact organizers...
  • Membership

Thermal Flashlight potential Kickstarter (generally Kickstarters help us make 1/3rd “public support”, but how not to burn out kickstarter as a platform....)

  • seasonally appropriate
  • grow the community
  • get us to solidify a kit
  • general fundraising

  • Thermal flashlight

  • Balloon and kite kits v. 2.0 + Oil Spill Response kit