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Staff call notes 10 3 2011

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(Google Doc link) Monday, October 3, 2011

Sara, Shannon, Stewart, Adam, Liz, Jeff

Recent & Upcoming events

  • Barn raising...50 powerlines crossing in 1.5 miles. Can we get on river? Please finalize participants list directly into the barnraising wiki page.
  • Shannon to DC for talk with Emma and Kate on Togo
  • Next Gowanus Mapping (Fall color) October 23 Sunday.
  • Follow-up with Bucket Brigade in Rhode Island is happening on Sunday October 9
  • training with community around asphalt plant.
  • Also GCM doing site inspection with balloon mapping as prototype for adding this method for all their site assessments.
  • Catherine d’Ignacio/RISD mapping class trip on Oct 12th - Save the Bay’s remediation site in Providence
  • LAGCC - Newtown Creek add into partnerships with Riverkeeper. good to have the map exported.
  • Lecture/mapping at Clark University - Hamil Pearsil - peer-reviewed papers
  • Lecture/mapping at Harvard GSD/Mike Hooper, Basurama/Pablo Rey


  • Environmental Anthropology $2K
  • NEH process - procrastination? project management?
  • UNICEF - submit LOI

Public Archive/Web


  • Switching Friday call to tool/site updates led by Jeff (tool) and Shannon (sites)
  • Time accounting- how can we make this process easier for people
  • Reimbursements
  • Health insurance- Sara

Field work this week

  • Barataria
  • Occupy Wall Street - Liz shared those legal articles with Oscar - are we even retweeting about this? publicizing our image sorting and map stitching? what about the confusion with that falsified aerial image?!/occupywithart/status/120490619578757120!/occupywithart/status/120490818090962944

  • Bronx River by Gena Wirth, also she photographed the outer banks for fun.