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Staff call notes 10 26 2011

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  • H2S screen- prepared photo paper, ready to do testing, less than $30- made 60 strips for hardly any cost- $.50 test- if works, its pretty promising

Recent & Upcoming events


  • Rio -- RFP due Friday. SD/LB- Creating a more sensible proposal, including higher bid. Need decision
  • went out late last Monday, have a working document, it is due on Friday, technical methodology/short portfolio/submit our price
  • Proposal includes idea of doing what Map Kibera did - walking maps, updating OSM- but not what we suggested- want to suggest instead a reverse process of aerial to OSM, UNICEF not working relationship smartly
  • Other issue is about price, Joe says 15-20k, that price is not attached to proposal- take a fresh look, rewrite parts we think they got wrong and submit real price that we think it would cost- not hit their $15k price point- if they accept within 90 days, we have to do it, its a legal document
  • Timeline issues -- February 01 and March 01 deadlines. with only 2 one-week trips.
  • Send Joe an email ahead of time to let him know we’re re-writing a bit
  • what PLOTS offers as a partner - innovation, technical support for our own software,
  • Re-emphasize software, workflow, archive as part of proposal- open source biz service model
  • Section that highlights the added benefit of working with PL- promote flexibility, etc.
  • Togo-vote beginning Thursday
  • Shannon met with Emma and Kate Chapman in person. most recent agreement had big issue in that they were “generalizing what open source means”, so they tackled that in discussion. Email to team to follow.
  • Shannon presented that data could either be destroyed by the community, or kept private, and they agreed. Activities can still be documented for PR.
  • Scoping trip with Nicholas OSM and ?? November / December.
  • we can pull in as many people as we want, including Cesar’s contacts on sustainable waste management in Lome, and the geography department at the university.

  • Env. Edu. sub grants- NEH

  • Need to look at NEH guidelines
  • Did we write in matching funds?
  • Difficult to coordinate with other groups- potentially pass this over to P&C- Shan, Sara, Mat look at it today and email about what we want to go

Public Archive/Web


  • BOD Conflict of Interest - needs attention in instance of Rio
  • issues: i told Mikel all details of Rio in confidence treating him as a trusted board member including all financial details, and then he decided to submit a separate competitive application under his own organization GroundTruth. I think we should be working together, but not like this.
  • Personally talk to Mikel and then send letter to BOD

  • Review 1023 by Thursday evening

  • Social media assistance
  • Primarily interested in Tweeting- using Campfire/calendar
  • Analytics- through Knight
  • Get back to her early next week

Field work this week