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staff call notes 10 1 2012

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Monday, October 1, 2012


  • Goals: Get materials out for BOD meeting, balloon mapping tomorrow, barn raising (woohoo!), letter for Cindy, 4S presentation, fundraiser job description, website eval w/ Chris
  • Accomplishments: OHS done, accounting pretty much done, annual report


  • BAAMA article, desktop spectrometer, archive updating/metrics
  • LA maps wrapup


  • Accomp - bought plane ticket to NOLA
  • Goals - retail support


  • accomplishments: no longer in computer hell, not much else-- a little retail support,


  • Goals: final outreach KS, vacation days, spectrometry debugging and features,


  • Goals: A lot of things to do
  • Accomplishments: Survived the last 4 days of workshops, meeting w/ Design Trust- possible parallel to oil spill toolkit, which might be garden toolkit (Farm Hack, Farm Concrete- already discussions)


  • Retail report done?
    • wednesday due
  • Final receipts?
    • retail receipts still need organizing, right? -mathew
  • Jeff- accounting questions? - upon return to MA
  • next kickstarter -- point person? Jeff can do the video... but doesn't want to run the campaign.

    • thermal flashlight
    • Look at these as full/part time staff) roles:
      1. video: 1 month, october -- Jeff
      2. bulk ordering/sourcing and assembly (6 months) -- sourcing and pricing for 100, 1000 or 10,000 units known before launch
      3. updates/promotional events (40 days)
      4. comments and messages (3-6 months)
      5. outreach to blogs and press (40 days)
      6. Fulfillment of rewards
    • Thursday- deadline for decision
      • i said i think we can ship an arduino-based kit by christmas but we can debate that. A custom and completed device, definitely not. More like March/April. But we can ship a certificate or something earlier.
      • what if its a different person running the campaign? i mean so peeps dont think we are launching a new one before shipping the next one
      • another thought -- just sell an arduino shield as base reward
      • and not sure if we can wait another year for cold weather
      • we don’t have to do another kickstarter for months, dont worry! this one is a much simpler project
      • that’s the “completed device” version. a “kit” would be the early-shipping version
      • no, 3+ per year kickstarters is good idea - lets
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