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Monday, January 30, 2011


  • RISD/Q collaboration?
    • upfront handout--draft this week sara/shannon/jeff
    • Jeff follow up discussion with Q *CERN license on site?
    • offline work vs. software
    • sharealike - when did it begin? (hasn’t yet for the thermal flashlight, but we are going to ping the mailing list)

Recent & Upcoming events

  • Joe Dumit, UC Davis Anthro/STS, archeology meetup--he came to our montreal show-so knows about roomba and spectrometry
  • Final results for spring staff meeting? (please) Stu can you fill the doodle out quick so we can set the dates? April 9-13 staff meeting - Oakland, CA April 11th, Adam’s 35th birthday


Public Archive/Publications

  • GM Forums
  • Gowanus July map , time to finish and post YES
  • just started organizing Fall Gowanus photos yesterday, haven’t uploaded.
  • PBS blog this week? No to Google Maps



Field work this week