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Friday, January 27, 2012


  • Olin College update - Jean Huang - working with extremophiles and yeast
  • Alex Kolker - lit review, test for false positives in the environment using paper
  • Gulf Coast Restoration Network - End of Feb, 2 day balloon mapping training led by Shannon and maybe Adam

Recent & Upcoming events

  • Revisit staff meeting dates- need WhereCamp date, other schedules posted on calendar
  • TAC meeting boston March 3rd can anyone go?- Jeff yes
  • Thermals Flashlight workshops Providence and London
  • London Mapping Meet up?
  • Springfield MA TAC Balloon flight?
  • Oakland, LA meet ups
  • Asheville - Warren Wilson College 9 FEB 2012 - Balloon Mapping
  • Webster, NC - Cherokee Fish Weirs with Watershed Association of the Tuckaseegee River - Balloon Mapping - high school kids too
  • Sprout - Spaghetti Dinner Thermal Photography January 30th/31st


  • Kickstarter: last three days push- wait till April for next one
  • Breadpig: storefront next week
  • Submitted EPA Urban Waters grant for $60k
  • Working on EPA EJ grant and 2 NSF grants for next week
  • When can we have extended fundraising conversation? --Next Wednesday?
    • tool talk times on Friday- run a call in- do split up calls- different time of day
    • github for open hardware
    • need to do better bug tracking on the tools- consolidating documentation
    • joint staff/research community lead on each tool

Public Archive/Publications

  • Google Public Domain license up and running- doing blog
  • Liz, Sara, Shannon going to do thermal flashlight guide/video


  • archive for interview audio? Shannon, Jeff, Matt? All have audio- web server/downloads folder- Jeff doing more at Gowanus- voice recorder- doesn’t have vr anymore


  • Health care: Jeff did you get the health care package? Sara will put together primer on how we each get started--cards for everyone, finding doctors etc...
  • Workers comp!
  • New Scientist-Thermal Flashlight-want to do a video
  • When are we doing tool meetings? Next Friday during staff call
  • Opening money Market- everyone said yes
  • Filmmakers for doing challenge- three have said yes, others?

Field work this week

  • Sara-would like to figure out follow up interview process for GRM--sounds like Jeff, Mat and Shannon have already done some interview--can we archive them somewhere?