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Jeff/Sara recontact TAC

Estrogen Screen update--Sayler-researcher who developed the yeast-is excited to collaborate with us but wants an MOU so it is still possible for us to commercial--Berkman,

Recent & Upcoming events

  • Spring Summit Talk, current ⅘-4/10 schedule can work, but Stew has other local event/visitors at that time, possibly begin on April 1 Adam away dates: March 2-26 - in the Grand Canyon April 1-2 - Geology conference in Asheville April 19-29 - Geology conference in Vienna

  • sara would like to organize: H2S making event next Tuesday Providence, Thermal Flashlight RISD/Boston workshop Feb 4th (liz will send parts list early next week) Harlem Thermal Flashlight Event-week of 6th-10th?

  • Amplifier SKU


  • Kickstarter updates
  • Re-email listserve- Thank you for helping us reach 300% of our funding goal (mention internal goal of $25k), at a significant amount of $ that we’ll be able to offer more support to communities that haven’t mapped before, regional groups for mapping meet-ups, mention rewriting tool for ease of use, Calendar: we’re planning to have a weekend [March Mapping Madness] where lots of people go out and make maps and then stitch them together, have people start wiki-pages on Public Lab and profile new mappers. These funds are almost entirely for distribution of balloon kits.

  • regional meetup

    • calendar of events:
      • kits go out second week in february
      • march map madness
      • acting as a distribution hub for the community
      • re-writing instructions for ease of use

send message out to the Kickstarter supporters on how to get involved.

Liz has to email her NY contacts today -

Send another tweet - Just Sent: who will be our 300th funder? Buy a balloon mapping kit right now and put our campaign over 300% funded - and counting!

Add a reward?

  • Infrared camera, pre-modified? matched set? Sourcing?
  • How many available rewards at this level? (8-10 per day)

Internal schedule-- when do we contact our backers * day it closes * when for personal thank-yous? * rewards * keep momentum going into retail store

  • Liability:

    • 1-Sara Shannon meet about general liability next week-sara set up today
    • 2-develop waiver--sara work from shannon’s
  • did we ever hear back from Omidyar and NEH

    • Omidyar they said they’d be in touch, it was lukewarm
  • old brainstorm doc
  • Shannon Ideas for organization-wide fundraising
  • Kresge
  • Open Society Foundation
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • Hewlett
  • Pew
  • Membership!
  • Liz ideas: for organization-wide fundraising
    • Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation (they featured our project on their kickstarter page)
    • EPA Environmental Ed sub-grants Nov 2012?
    • NYC specific
      • Rockefeller Cultural Innovation,
      • Hudson River Foundation - Newtown Creek Fund and others.
  • Stewart Ideas for organization-wide fundraising
    • Mapmaking for hire
    • Mapmaking seminars
    • Southern Balloon Works, Canon sponsorships
    • Produce a book! (lengthy illustrated guide to field work and computer work for making maps, derive book from
    • existing and new wiki notes. Target audience: High School science, College Geography, Landscape Design,
  • Engineering, etc
  • Sara Ideas:
    • NSF Computing Education for the 21st Century
      • February 09, 2012: NSF Environmental Sustainability--can’t find url brief program description below February 17, 2012
      • The Environmental Sustainability program supports engineering research with the goal of promoting sustainable engineered systems that support human well-being and that are also compatible with sustaining natural (environmental) systems. These systems provide ecological services vital for human survival. The long-term viability of natural capital is critical for many areas of human endeavor. Research in Environmental Sustainability typically considers long time horizons and may incorporate contributions from the social sciences and ethics. This program supports engineering research that seeks to balance society's need to provide ecological protection and maintain stable economic conditions. There are four principal general research areas which are supported, but others can be proposed by contacting the program director by email at:
      • Industrial Ecology
      • Green Engineering
      • Ecological Engineering
      • Earth Systems Engineering

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  • possible to add alerts when comments are added to research notes? Subscribe through RSS?
    • these are already there, checking if there are bugs.


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