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Nov-Dec 2012

  • review of web survey and additional brainstorming & refinement of plan
  • build out of read-only site
  • variations on sidebar design, different navigation paradigms, advanced search and site-wide look & feel
  • archive display and interface design
  • pilot log-in system
  • spam filtration interface

Jan-Feb 2013

  • subscription management and test email system
  • drag & drop file upload testing
  • integration of Google Groups
  • commenting tests

Mar-Apr 2013

  • initial tests of research note and wiki posting
  • registration testing
  • staged "helpful hints" system
  • SpectralWorkbench and MapKnitter integration with post templates
  • probable Beta site launch for wider public testing

Apr-May 2013

  • beta testing, bug fixing, final feature adds
  • heavy push for "trying the new version" through alerts on old site
  • reviewing feedback and if all goes well, switching over to the new site

Thanks for your patience with the current site and here's looking forward to a newly refreshed website!