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<dme:context type='node' cid='51' />Here is a list of all the publications and presentations we're writing for, deadlines, and who's in charge of each:


(for completed or past writing, see

AAA and 4S paper and 4S workshop

AAA abstract- due April 15th (need to register and submit) 4S abstract- submitted (need to figure out workshop portion)

State of the Map 2011

June 15th deadline, happens Sept 9-11 in Denver -- immediately before FOSS4G -

plus Austin Cowley's pre-conf event.

Journal of BioUrbanism (JBU)

Due Aug 2011 - The new Journal of BioUrbanism (JBU), a peer-reviewed international online journal of architecture, planning, and built environment studies , is currently considering papers for inclusion in its first issue launching in 2011. The Journal of Biourbanism aims at establishing a bridge between new theories and practice in the fields of design, architectural and urban planning, and built environment studies. It offers latest biophilic research reports, and focuses on harmonious inter-relationship between built and natural context at both neighborhood and city scale.

Coverage includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sustainable urban design and planning: morphogenetic design, Integral theory, biophilic urbanism, interactive architecture, morphological analysis and cartography, ICT & GIS;
  • Participate planning and analysis: Peer to peer Urbanism, pattern language, community participation.
  • Environmental psychology: Ecopsychology, Environmental psychology, people-environment transactions, psychogeography, creativity and city, performativity in urban environments.
  • Ecology and planning: Landscape Ecology and planning, Land Suitability Evaluation, sustainability, green infrastructure, climatic design, renewable energy, landscape urbanism, Strategic Environmental Planning.

Submissions should be sent by email to the Editors before August 2011: Journal of Biourbanism:

Articles should be supplied in Word or OpenOffice Write format. All authors' details must be printed on a separate sheet and authors should not be identified anywhere else in the article. The full manuscript must not exceed 20 pages. It must include a single-spaced abstract of 250 to 500 words. Image max 3 (in high resolution). A title of no more than eight words should be provided.

More information can be found at: