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When we launch a new Place page on the Public Laboratory site, we like to start with some basic contextual information. Use the following as a starting point but don't be afraid to improve this template, as it's just a starting point:

Site Outline

Where exactly is your site of interest?

A specific address, lon/lat coordinate? If you're balloon mapping, even before doing a map it's useful to post a picture from Google Maps. If you have multiple sites, choose a representative one to show people.

Describe the problem

Is there contamination at the site, or is your focus social? What is needed? How could new information change the situation?

Who are you working with?

Are you working with other people or organizations at this site? Are you or your organization "hosting" this investigation, or coordinating it?

Who will be collecting, interpreting, and publishing data/maps? For what audience? What is the best medium to reach them (web, public meetings/workshops, print)

What are some short and long-term goals for this site?

How will you ensure sustainability in this project? What sources of funding or institutional support have you found, or are you looking for? How will members pass on knowledge and expand their reach to a more inclusive range of participants?