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Peer Production Playbook

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Peer Production Playbook (rough)

(Possibly preceded in timeline by initial phase being prototyped by Liz) (Possibly preceded in timeline by some in-person question refinement being prototyping by Stevie)

  • Collect Qs on a topic
  • hit the lists, SM
  • Post Questions ~2x per week
  • schedule as much as possible
  • lists, SM
  • alternate topical/regional lists to avoid saturation
  • Collect a batch of Qs in a wiki page, add an intro with: goals, constraints, related work
  • Call for stories and existing projects/groups to add to wiki
  • lists, SM


  • Ask for input/suggestions on constraints via question: who frames the needs?
  • lists, SM
  • Ask for pros/cons (facilitation method) on different approaches
  • lists, SM
  • Compile list of next steps/challenges
  • lists, SM
  • Break down challenges with new Qs
  • Support challenges with protokits (or earlier!)

...somewhere in the above sequence, identify leaders who can co-facilitate this process

Who are we prototyping this with? * Remediation Kit folks * Balloon Kit relaunch * Fair Tech Collective * Various photo monitoring * Riffle group