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Passive Particle Monitoring Tool Deployment

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Passive Particle Monitor tests are going out in Wisconsin and Chicago. Here are the first-draft instructions for everyone collecting samples.

Passive Particle Deployment Instructions

Sample stubs should arrive at your place in a box, each one covered up by a different styrofoam cup with a place to write the date and time of deployment. Inside each cup pair is a sampler covered with Scotch Tape to prevent dust from entering the clean stub in transit. There is also an included roll of Scotch Tape to cover the the stubs back up.

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We'll be deploying the samples for one week. Please pick a day and time to put samples out when you know you will be available on a weekly basis.

1) Remove sampler stub from box, leaving the sticky tab cover on. write down the date and time it was removed.

2) Go to the outdoor housing and check how level the housing is. Did it stay level through the week? we'd like to know. check with either type of bubble level provided:

twobubble.png onebubble.png

3) unscrew the thumb screws holding the housing’s lid on. watch for the rubber washers underneath, they’re tiny and easy to lose (we provided some extras - you can use a dish as a catcher).


4) holding the sampler stub by its sides, press into the rubber grommet in the center of the housing. Try to avoid touching the top, as in the center of the top there is a 1/4” area of fragile mesh that is easy to deform.


5) remove the sticky tab and immediately screw the housing’s lid back on. The housing lid has a small groove on its underside that catches raindrops, make sure this groove is facing down.


6) use the included bubble level to check if the housing is level. Reset the level of the housing using the thumb screw on the ball head.


7) leave in place for seven days.

8) unscrew the housing lid and place a sticky tab over the sampler stub. Replace with a new sampler stub.

9) place the exposed sampler stub back in its box and write down the date and time it is returned on its cover cup.

10) after all the sample stubs are exposed, place the return mail label on the box and place in your mailbox for pickup. If there is an issue with your carrier picking up, please e-mail