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Mon April 25 2011 Agenda

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Notes on the actual meeting can be found here: (insert google doc link)

Discussion topics

8 PM Mon April 25 2011 speaking order suggestion - first name alpha, next time shifted one person: Jeff, Matt, Liz, Sara, Shannon, Stewart, Adam (moderator)

1) Grant updates (5 min) 2) SIP update (5 min) 3) BOD document (5 min) 3.5) Sviatlana Fahmy white paper (5 min) 4) mission statement - discussion (15 min) 5) Full time/part time - (10 min) what criteria do we need to determine who takes these roles? What processes will we have in place to balance these roles? 6) Consensus on FT/PT - (20 min) in the absence of having made that decision before

who wants what, who can do what? who would take a FT position if it were available? separate: willingness, ability, preference, insistence to work PT or FT what, organizationally, should be the review/prerequisite process for accepting a FT "applicant"? a plan of work? Stewart & Shannon did one; we could base on that. How we value different types of work How we prioritize types of work

7) An actual internal budget based on the above (10 min) 8) summaries from

9) Feedback regarding phone call, moderation, etc. (5 min)