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Mon April 18 2011 Agenda

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Notes on the actual meeting can be found here

Discussion topics

What happened

  • what broke down in our consensus process
    • proposals for a revised decision-making process
    • discussion of what sorts of decisions must have full consensus
    • how we define and determine consensus
  • personal/rapport/empathy issues
    • civility, respect
    • deep breaths

Moving forward

  • solutions going forward
    • rotating facilitator, monthly?


  • an actual internal budget
  • consensus on FT/PT -- in the absence of having made that decision before
    • who wants what, who can do what?
    • who would take a FT position if it were available?
    • separate: willingness, ability, preference, insistence to work PT or FT
    • what, organizationally, should be the review/prerequisite process for accepting a FT "applicant"? a plan of work? Stewart & Shannon did one; we could base on that.
    • How we value different types of work
    • How we prioritize types of work

General organizational decision making

  • rotating topic-based decision making teams to reduce burden
    • few teams with broad categories, like: Publishing, Data Outreach, Kits, Tool Research, Evaluation, Communities
    • each time has 3 members, each staff member has 2-3 team memberships?
    • switch around every 3 months?

8:30 eastern, 7:30c/5:30p