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HSV example: H: .5-(R-B/B+R)/2, S: 1, V: 1

In the above example, the .5 value is the additive, and the multiplicative is the "/2", which doesn't change. I only varied the additive by 0.1, which just shifts the scale around the color wheel.

Here are the processed images, again with webcam first, Mobius second:

H:0.5-(R-B/B+R)/2 for both:

2014-04-10T15_33_16.579Z.png 2014-04-10T15_34_01.294Z.png For the record, just storing the incorrectly done NDVI alternative originally posted on this note, which have since been corrected:

Remember: these are WRONG! They essentially only show the red channel; due to order of operations, blue is cancelled out. Boo.

H:0.4-(R-B/B+R)/2 for both:

2014-04-10T15_35_29.150Z.png 2014-04-10T15_36_14.997Z.png

H:0.5-(R-B/B+R)/2 for the webcam, H:0.4-(R-B/B+R)/2 for the Mobius:

2014-04-10T15_37_29.058Z.png 2014-04-10T15_37_44.809Z.png