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How to Make a Simple Air Purifier #airquality #air #DIY #citizenscience

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Many people suffer from air quality issues inside their homes, whether it be from dust, materials used in construction, furniture, pets or secondhand smoke. The polluted air may be entering from outside, like pollen or factory farms producing dust and toxic gases.

Off-the-shelf HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) cleaners can remove particles of different sizes based on the specified range of their interior filters. Some of these devices also include a first layer carbon filter to help reduce odors and gases. Unfortunately these air purifiers start at $50 for mini devices that can handle 75 sq. ft. rooms and go into the thousands of dollars once you get to commercial models. These devices still need to have filters removed and changed as they get dirty and become less effective. So, what is needed is an inexpensive DIY air purifier.

Design Goals

  • materials should be easy to find
  • cost of materials should be under $35 (including box fan)
  • construction should be simple (not taking special building expertise or tech)
  • finished device should be easy to maintain
  • testing should be done with air quality monitor
  • device should be made available in early conception to help families in crisis now
  • guide should be included for use/replacement of filters

Existing Designs

Over the years people have been experimenting with simple box fans to create air purifiers. These fans are readily available and seem to last a long time since they don't have a pivoting base.



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