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GSOC 2013 Mentors and Student Proposals

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If you would like to volunteer please add your name to this list.

Jeff Warren

Chris Fastie

Don Blair

Seth Woodworth

Jeff Johnson

Craig Versek

Ned Horning

Pat Coyle

Student Proposals:

Please add your name to the list if it is not already on it.

Also see the ideas page:

Sreyanth "Find closest match spectra from database"

Trevor Tomesh "Arm Linux Portable Data Collection/Analysis Module"

Vikas Yaligar " crowdsourced image sorting. Shift image storage to Amazon S3"

Joshua Hager "Improve warnings and provide alternatives when too many images to export a map with MapKnitter" PDF submission

Mohit Meena "Android Aerial Acquisition App"

Tao Qian "Android Aerial Acquisition App"

Costin Carabas "Android Aerial Acquisition App"

Bharat Bhushan " Web service for NDVI and NRG compositions from visible and infrared images. "

Students we missed out on (didn't respond to their inquiries or otherwise didn't submit a proposal):

Nishith Maheshwari (

...currently pursuing my degree in an integrated program of Btech in Computer Science+ MS by research in the field of Spatial Informatics at IIIT Hyderabad, India.
I have had experience in analyzing remote sensing data and have used the GDAL libraries in different projects during my course-work. Also I have a good experience in using JavaScript in another course project.
Due to my past experience in handling remote sensing data I am interested in a project of same area. 
I had a few questions :
1. Is this project supposed to be an independent application or an add-on to an existing project?
2. Where can I find some test cases of the data which is supposed to be processed by this utility?

Cristian Ichimescu (

I would like to know more details about these projects: Adapt Android video interface and Android Aerial Acquisition App.
Also can you provide the source code for the android Video class that needs to be adapted. 

Bharat Bhushan (

I am interested in multiple project ideas mentioned in the infrared projects sections. Some of my queries are:
i). Do i need to acquire the stereo-camera hardware before jumping further into development.
ii). Are there any issues for the "infrared-visible video toolkit" that i can patch for my application? 
iii). I haven't noticed anyone idling on the IRC channel or the google groups with reference to GSOC , so i hope the mail is the best way to contact you.
Python can be used with Django framework and SimpleCv/ PIL/ ImageMagick etc. for this purpose. I don't have a lot of experience in python for image composting, though i have worked on Fiji(ImageJ) for classification of NDVI and hyperspectral satellite images into multiple classes using SVM. 
I went through the code , and that sure can be reused for the web interface.
I also wish to work on the alignment and analysis of overlapping visible and NIR images, though i don't have much experience in the optimization of image alignment algorithms. I have familiarity with remote sensing, i have worked on ERDAS and ENVI software, and created a digital map of our university by stitching together around ~4000 aerial photos.