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Hero3 NIR Conversion In Progress !!!

After finding the following video below I attempted to make an infrablue gopro hero3. I found some disassembly images online but this is the only video that I have found of a hero3 lens modification thus far. I am currently stuck however. I got the lens back together but the part that I took out appears to be more than just an IR filter but part of the lens as well. Filter-Removal time-lapse. The Filter is removed at 1:30


You will need the following tools to disassemble the Hero 3 -#4 Torx -00 Screw Driver -Spudger -Pliers and cloth or equivalent for lens opening.

The original video that I attempted to follow seems suspect at the moment. I am still trying to understand the exact makeup of the OEM hero 3 lens. This is unverified but I found one recent thread on the gopro user forums that claim that the hotmirror which keeps UV an IR away from the sensor comes within the lens.

For Sale Conversions: pt=Camcorders_Professional_Video_Cameras&hash=item19dd4053d3

Guide for older models and parts for sale: