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First-time posters

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Posts tagged with #first-time-poster are the very first post by someone on -- please help to welcome newcomers find their way around the community and the website! You can also subscribe to get email alerts when first-timers post.

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If you’re a first-time poster

We’re happy to welcome you here! 🎉 Below you’ll find some general information about posting on for the first time.

Create your first post


The first time you post a research note, it will be held for moderation by a community moderators group. This helps to enable a safe and welcoming community for everyone. Check out the links here for more details about this process and moderation.

More on contributing to the community

Have you made your first post? Hooray! Visit the contribute wiki page to learn about what you can do next with Public Lab.

Not quite ready to post just yet? That’s totally okay! There are many other ways to get started with Public Lab. The wiki page on contributing has more information on that, too.

If you know you want to ask a question or share and seek information on an environmental issue, you can start right away with the links below:

  • Post a question that other community members can respond to;
  • Post an issue brief with basic information about an environmental concern you have, enabling other people to comment and share knowledge.