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This wiki is a collection of environmental action and advocacy guides that are publicly available. Many are offered from environmental justice nonprofit organizations. The resources listed here include procedures for reporting pollution, developing an environmental monitoring or health studies, and advocating for environmental protection.

"My Guide to Environmental Protection in Louisiana" by Tulane Environmental Law Clinic

2011 TELC Citizen's Guide to Environmental Protection online. Website for videos. Youtube Playlist. 2011, TELC.

"Is a health study the answer for your community? A guide to making informed decisions" by Boston University Department of Environmental Health and Toxics Action Center

Monitoring Exerpt from LEAN Guide to Environmental Action, 2016

A Guide to Protecting Wetlands in the Gulf of Mexico and Appendix (2004) by Gulf Restoration Network (Lake Pontchartrain Basin) by LPBF, Jill Mastarotaro

A Citizen's Guide to the Corps of Engineers by American Rivers, Melissa Samet