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Public Laboratory working with interested members of the STS community around UCD in Davis, California. We are trying to reach out to interested folks and find some local issues to focus on.

Getting Started

Folks at the University of California Davis (UCD) are interested in forming a local chapter of the Public Lab. Currently, students and faculty from Anthropology, Science & Technology Studies, Transportation, and Geography are seeking out others on campus and surrounding community who would like to get involved in mapping and technology development.


Mapping Workshops & Talks (tentative schedule, more details to follow later):

Wednesday, April 4th - demonstration Thursday, April 5th - presentations on mapping tools, purpose, sensors, equipment, etc. Friday, April 6th - academic talk

Successful Projects

In November, we documented the protests over the pepper spraying. Two graduate students, Michele Tobias and Alex Mandel, have used kites and balloons to take images over several beaches in California. See Michele's profile for some examples.

New Ideas Are Welcome

We're looking for ideas for places that need to be mapped. One idea is to map the Experimental College Garden to make a detailed map of plot locations, paths, and resources like water spigots. Are the places in Davis that need to be monitored?

We'd also like to work on improving existing equipment ideas or creating new equipment. One idea is to work on building light-weight sensors that collect light in very specific wavelengths. Another is to improve plans for an inexpensive heavy-duty kite reel.

Share your ideas here, please!

Want to Join Us?

Contact Michele Tobias (mmtobiasucdavisedu) or Alex Mandel (aimandelucdavisedu)