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Instructions for creating local mailing lists

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If you would like to start a mailing list for your region or community, follow these easy steps to get the list started:

  • Go to Google Groups ( Click on "New Group".
  • Choose a name like "plots-neworleans" or "plots-gulfcoast" as the name of your list
  • Add a description about the group such as "events and announcements for Boston-area PLOTS community"
  • Make it open for anyone to join and see the content
  • Allow people to join without moderation (it gets old pretty fast)
  • Send an invite to whoever you'd like to have join the list
  • Designate a couple of moderators to coordinate and combat spam. Share responsibility!

Some easy ways to publicize your mailing list:

And remember... local mailing lists should be for event organization and logistics -- moderators are also supposed to encourage actual research discussions to move to the main publiclaboratory list or to research notes on the website. We don't want that kind of discussion to be siloed!