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All staff call notes 5 31 2011

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Liz, Stewart, Shannon, Sara, Adam, Jeff. Mathew was unable to make it but left notes, included at bottom.

Jeff: recap--they were very open about what we could do. Suggestions: tackle 3rd year, expand community work, Shannon--focus more on sites we are in rather than expand--so many things to do in Gulf coast. Jeff--expand appalachian region? Incubation services- parent org to help us get off the ground- physically housed inside another organization- regular meetings with advisors from organizations- professional services- getting people to help with the website- printing process, etc.

timeline: it would be nice if we told them sometime soon what we would do, Catherine also Knight to meet and brainstrom, PDF--professional development forum, John Bracken’s--head of news challenge,

technical suggestions: give money to knight foundation to disperse the money to us, until we are a non-profit. Shannon: Does this change the relationship with our lawyers doing work Pro Bono--can we talk to that about them now? Jeff: should we incorporate now? Shannon--good publicity for them.

Ok with talking to lawyer (Skadden) about KNC- to see if they are still okay in working with us Liz- ask them to be discreet/confidential Yes all around (plus Mathew, retrospectively)

When start giving money? june 13th final board approval, Liz: July 1 is normal fiscal start date. should we start then? Jeff: stewart and shannon funding ended today, don’t know yet if support is going to be continued.

Stewart: should we be concerned that salary wasn’t suggested by Knight?

Matt: should we still do the linberg grant? Jeff thinks yes--we need to be more ambitious about what we tackle.

Sara: Does c4fcm know? Yes. What should our continued relationship be? They want to still be involved, John Braken thinks we should shore up this relationship--they see it as a spin off. Knight likes that we have a relationship. Jeff: could c4 continue paying a couple of salaries. Liz: overlaps happening in NYC, Chris is coming to Parson’s for the fall, Cesar may be teaching class in spring--sorry i suck at spelling (haha)--Liz plan hackathon in boston? Lots of connections happening--can we have small amount of travel money for the summer? East Harlem thermal insulation issues, wetland restoration--so many projects approaching her. Open agriculture project also bubbled. Jeff--also talking about a hackathon-Especially in August.

Are we all traveling for C4 conference?--Stewart and Matthew can’t go--Knight can’t cover everybody from every team, did want it to seem unfair inviting all of us.

John Bracken is new--relationship with C4 seems to be good.

  • what to do with the extra money - lengthen the grant, 3 years was a suggestion of theirs

Adam--we could write our own job description? Also need to fill out the survey of what we would like to do. Adam will probably be Faculty at WCU in a month or two. He can be a PI on grants. Sara--could move Shannon--could use help in the gulf coast Jeff--knight foundation suggests fund a position at C4 for us, change how it is accounted to strength official relationship, also said or for some organization. Leverage grant to strengthen relationships with organizations--Parson’s, RISD, MIT, Tulane--start research groups.

Adam--do we stretch it out over 4 years? Liz--we can be better at tool development if we can bring in someone to handle to the website. Also possibility of stipend and equipment to collaborators. Travel - Rotate who goes on trips, take turns on international travel, take people who may not have the opportunity to travel abroad (community members) - new take on PT/FT? seems like we still have a tentative 4/3 split. - start dates for positions--Describe 12 months starting July 1st, commentary on what we would be doing, milestones, what would your distribution of work be? - equipment or other spending this summer? site tools, some individual gear, space funds, pop-up lab - distributing information about this award - tell the lawyer and our three board members - press release!

integrate Mathew's comments: My focus is on making this money work for three years, whatever changes we make should be in light of that: no preference on changing pt/ft. let people get the positions they want on pay: move to "plan c" pay in budget? health insurance?