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My ex-whatever brought medicine to me the other night. We were friends for a few months, dated for a few months and broke it off because...I'm still not totally sure why. With the exception of the occasional drunken encounter that reminds me why we can't be together, we've been fairly successful at remaining friends.

So, he brings me ibuprofen and then he sits in a chair across from me, lounging on the couch. We look at each other for a while. Actually, try not to look at each other because neither one of us has anything to say, and we're past the small talk stage. After about half an hour, conversation starts rolling and it feels natural and good. Ten minutes later he leaves for dinner, and as he's walking out, he says...

"Take care."

I hateeee The Take Care. More than I hate Trader Joe's any time after 11 AM. More than my disdain for voicemails that say "Hey, it's me. Call me back." The Take Care is something you say to a third-tier acquaintance that you run into at the bodega. The Take Care is like saying, "Well, I probably won't see you for a while, crazy bitch. But I hope you don't break the other foot." Not me, buddy. No way.

Boys and girls, please take note and just wipe The Take Care from your vocabulary. Instead, let's go with The See You Later. Even if it's a complete lie, at least it leaves you with some sort of self-dignity.


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