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cfastie "It's great to see progress on the dual timer! I showed this to my son (age 12) and told him the goal was to repeatedly trigger two things simultane..." | Read more » about 12 years ago
cfastie "You might need a tee made from thinner stock to use Brooxes camera keepers. Or you can order some longer ones. Brooks' are 1" diam. knurl and 1/4"..." | Read more » over 12 years ago
cfastie "Warren -- Most clever and elegant! Spread the cameras a bit more and you will have room to use Brooxes camera keepers (red thumb screws). Those ar..." | Read more » over 12 years ago
cfastie "Mathew, mounting cameras base to base is a good idea (but then the USB ports are on opposites sides). Eventually the payload will include a few AA..." | Read more » over 12 years ago