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I have a wide range of interests, including geology, fungi, native plants, gardening, cooking, chemistry, making wine and beer.

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"Warren, Bronwen, Amanda at publiclab sales has indicated she will send me a replacement webcam, so you don't need to send me a replacement lens. ..." | Read more » 7 months ago
"Warren, I really appreciate your offer to provide a replacement lens! If you do have a spare, my address is: 5655 Kenny St. Lake Oswego OR (USA)..." | Read more » 7 months ago
"I just received the 4.5mm lens. Unfortunately, it appears that the webcam lens is NOT the standard 12 x .5mm. The lens does not screw into the on..." | Read more » 7 months ago
"I should have inquired before I ordered the 4.5mm lens. I guessed at the OEM lens' focal length by focusing a remote light source, and it looked t..." | Read more » 7 months ago
"I have some additional information regarding the webcam and conversion to IR. Examination of the lens revealed a flat glass window. I think it is..." | Read more » 7 months ago
"It's good to know you have the webcams as a store item. That frees me up to try some things. I'll take notes/photos and post results. Mark " | Read more » 7 months ago
"Thank you for your reply. At this point I am trying to minimize the cost of developing this approach, so I want to stick with the webcam in the ki..." | Read more » 7 months ago


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