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| Joined 6 months ago

I discreetly stalked my potential new friend for a week, learning everything I could from a distance. I learned his name was Max by sitting at the back of the class in the one subject we shared together. I learned he never went into the cafeteria at lunch, preferring to sit at one of the picnic tables in the courtyard. It took me three days to realize he didn't eat lunch. He sat in the sun and read, usually a comic book. Some days, he didn't show at all, leaving me wondering where he had disappeared to. The mystery that was Max was one I was eager to solve.

The weekend I went on Christmas break, I was sitting in the living room, watching Teen Titans on television when the phone suddenly rang. It scared the crap out of me because I had never heard its shrill sound before, deafening in the quiet cabin. Only half noticing it when I cleaned the house from top to bottom after I first arrived, I paid it little attention, assuming it was just a relic from the days before cells.

"Hello?" I asked into the handset.

"Hey, kiddo!" It was Kurt. "We're going out tonight, so don't cook."

"What's the occasion?" I asked curiously. Lately, we almost always ate in rimming gay gifs.

"I have a buddy coming over tonight," he answered. I could almost hear a smile on his face. "We're celebrating, so dress up, and leave me some hot water."

"Will do," I promised. He hung up without saying good-bye, a habit I would eventually learn was deeply engrained in him.

I finished watching my show, then took a shower, dressing in a sweater and new jeans. Returning to the living room, I waited for Kurt to come home by reading one of my graphic novels. The story was pretty pedestrian, but the art was top class.

Kurt came home, gave me a quick kiss, full tongue, like he missed me badly, and started stripping out of his clothes. I followed him silently into the bedroom, watching his strip. I could not get enough of seeing his big flaccid masturbation gay gifs cock swinging wildly in front of his buff, hairy body.

"Need something?" he asked, crooking an eyebrow at me.

"Nope, just enjoying the show." He laughed and entered the bathroom. I returned to my big cock young twinks.

A few minutes later, as Kurt was dressing, there was a knock on the front door. I opened it and found a strikingly handsome young man standing on our porch. He had dirty blonde hair that curled upward under his baseball cap, with a matching Van Duke that looked like it needed a trim, and pale blue eyes that looked me up and down in an approving manner. He was tall and lanky, dressed in a soft blue flannel under an old denim jacket with jeans that matched.

"Well, hello there," he smiled at me, his teeth ridiculously white, "You must be Parker."

"I am," I heard myself say, my voice croaking through a suddenly dry mouth.

"I'm Bobby," he told me, offering his hand in greetings, "Is the old man ready yet?"

"Almost, I think," I said, shaking his hand. I stepped aside to let him in, getting a good look at his firm ass as he passed by. I may have only been fucking Kurt for a little while, but I knew a nice ass when I saw one.

Kurt came out of the bedroom and greeted Bobby. They slapped each other on the shoulder and shook hands enthusiastically. There was excitement in the air, but I had no idea why big cock gay gifs.

Without a word, the three of us headed out, confirming that we would all take Kurt's truck into town. That meant that I would have to sit in the middle, scrunched in between two hot men. That concerned me, knowing I would have a raging hard-on long before we arrived at the restaurant, and no room in my tight jeans to hide muscle hunk sex.

Outside, I caught a glance of Bobby's car. It was a black 1967 Chevy Impala, the same kind of car that Dean Winchester drives in Supernatural. I had to look it over, checking out its perfect interior, following the clean lines of the body.

"Like it?" Bobby asked, smiling like a proud dad.

"I love it!" I told him, "She's a pretty girl."

"She's yours," I heard Kurt say. I spun around to look at him with shock.

"Don't fuck with me gay porn gifs, Uncle Kurt."

"I'm not fucking with you, kiddo. I bought it a couple of weeks ago, then had Bobby give it a good going over."

"She runs like a tank," Bobby told me, tossing me the keys.

I ran to the driver's side, then sat behind the wheel, running my hands over the steering wheel, just imagining the places we would go together. Getting out again, I ran to Kurt and threw my arms around him, hugging him deeply.

"Thank you," I told him, "I've never been given a better present."

We all climbed in and I drove the three of us to the restaurant, following Kurt's directions, as I had never been to the steak house. Inside, we got a booth, and I ended up sitting next to Bobby. The waitress took our orders, and the guys were suddenly very happy I was driving, freeing them to drink with their meal. I ordered iced tea.

The guys each ordered steak, rare, which grossed me out, and I ordered the baby back ribs. Conversation was centered on gossiping about the guys at work with stories ending with eruptions of laughter. At one point, I felt Bobby's hand on my crotch, giving the hardening mound in my jeans a good kneading. Later, after the meal was served, he placed my hand on his crotch. There was something big there, and I ended up leaving the restaurant pulling my sweater down to try and conceal my woody.

After we had eaten, and they were feeling good, we climbed back into the car and I drove home. There was no discussion about taking Bobby to his place. Not that I minded. I was enjoying myself and didn't want the night to end, but it was a Friday, which meant I was going to get some dick, or a piece of ass, or both. They may be buzzed, but I was excited and ready to get down to business, and Bobby's teases weren't making things any easier.

Inside, I put a few more logs in the wood burning stove and followed the guys into the bedroom, where they had wandered. I was surprised to find them both taking off their clothes.

"Get naked," Kurt ordered me. I looked back and forth between the two of them for a second or two before it dawned on me that we were going to have sex together.

"Hell, yeah!" I exclaimed, kicking off my shoes and pulling my sweater over my head at the same time. It wasn't a race to see who could undress quickest, but if it had been, I would have won. I was hard as a rock and naked as a newborn before they were out of their pants.

I watched Bobby undress, curious about the big lump I felt in the restaurant. When he unleashed the python from his jeans, I nearly passed out. Crowned with brown pubic hair, twinks gifs cock was even bigger than Kurt's, and that was saying something. At least eleven inches long, and growing thicker as it grew hard. I fell to my knees in the middle of the room and thanked the gay sex gifs gods for my good fortune. I had found the cure for my unending horniness, and both men walked up to me and offered me their joysticks.

I started sucking Bobby's cock because I had not yet tasted him, then switched to Kurt's because he was waiting patiently, stroking Bobby slowly so he wouldn't lose interest. For several minutes I alternated between the two until Kurt moved away, retrieving the bottle of lube from the bedside table. Bobby pulled me to my feet when Kurt tossed him the bottle and sat on the edge of the bed, offering his cock to me while Bobby lubed up the big fucker between his legs.

My face was full of cock and I was greedily sucking off my uncle in soft, sloppy strokes, not wanting him to gay cumshot gifs too soon. I planned on getting fucked by both of them before the night was through. Bobby lined himself up with my ass, sticking a lubed finger inside me to prime the pump, then pushed the head of his cock into me. My ass quickly puckered up against the assault, feeling like it was being stretched to its limit. Bobby pushed deeper, and deeper still. Kurt's cock dropped from my lips as I moaned loudly with the feeling of being filled and stretched in ways I had not imagined.

I resumed to sucking Kurt's cock when Bobby began fucking me. I had one cock in my mouth and another in my ass. It was a dream come true. At some point I reached down to play with myself and realized I was leaking a puddle of gay cumshot gifs. Kurt must have noticed because he slipped under me and took my cock into his mouth. The pleasure I was receiving now, with a big cock in my ass and a pair of lips wrapped around my aching, needy cock was indescribable. Soon, without any control on my part, I shot a healthy load of cum into Kurt's mouth, nearly screaming with my release.

"My turn," Kurt insisted, wiping the excess of my cum from his lips and getting to his feet. He placed me on the bed, where he had been sitting, and bent over me, taking my still hard cock into his mouth again. Bobby moved in behind Kurt and started slipping his cock into Kurt's ass. I could tell by the way Kurt was gripping my thighs that there was some initial pain, not that he would show it. He wanted Bobby's cock too bad to complain about momentary pain, and I knew exactly how he felt.

As Kurt was working over my cock, I watched Bobby fuck my uncle. He looked at me and smiled, sharing a wink. It was so hot gay porn gif watching Bobby fuck Kurt. It was like being in a porno, live and in person. After a few minutes, Bobby pulled out.

"Get over here, kid," Bobby told me.

I did as I was directed and moved in behind Kurt. His ass was gaping and slick with lube and precum. I stuffed his hole with my cock and began fucking my uncle as Bobby moved in behind me and slipped his cock back up my chute. Now I was fucking Kurt while I fucked myself with Bobby's big dick. It didn't take long before I was cumming again, shooting my load in my uncle's ass. I nearly collapsed from the force of the orgasm.

With me out of commission, Bobby and Kurt got onto the bed and Bobby mounted Kurt in a missionary position, fucking Kurt's ass with the ferocity of a man who simply wanted- needed- to shoot his load. With a final thrust, Bobby spilled his seed in Kurt's ass just as Kurt started cumming on his own, hands free. I smiled, glad Kurt and I had a shared experience. Satiated, we lay on the bed together, arms and legs intertwined, and fell asleep.

As I lay there between the two men, I realized there had been no kissing, no show of intimacy. I had no doubt that my uncle loved me, he proved that when he took me in, but I began to realize that he was serious when he told me our messing around wasn't a forever thing. We would one day drift apart and go our way, but for now, we had each other, and maybe he now had Bobby too.

In the morning, we had sex again, with both Bobby and Kurt taking turns fucking me. After, I made breakfast, then drove Bobby home while Kurt did the dishes. On the way back home, I saw Max sitting on the steps of a dilapidated single wide trailer on a lot that needed some upkeep and wondered about him, swearing to myself that I would solve the mystery of him if it killed me. Kurt had a friend, and now I would have one of my own. I was lying in bed, awakened when Kurt got up to visit the bathroom. When he returned, he snuggled in behind me, his ample cock pressed against my ass. It took me little time to realize he was getting hard, dry humping his cock between my ass cheeks.

"Good morning, stud," I purred when he kissed the back of my neck.

"I didn't wake you, did I?" he whispered into my ear, thrusting his hips forcefully gay anal sex.

I didn't answer. With one hand, I grabbed his hard cock and guided it to my hole. Kurt thrust forward gently, pushing into me. Lying in the dark, wrapped in warmth, I felt him slowly enter me until his massive cock was completely buried inside me.

He took his time fucking me, alternating between long slow strokes and deep grinds. I felt myself wash away with the feeling of him inside me. All I wanted in that moment was to have him inside me all the time, fucking my ass for eternity. As he came closer and closer to his orgasm, his strokes quickened, and he lifted my leg to give him better access. I folded the leg around the back of his hip, and he plowed into me. Once more we were one, working together to pleasure the cum out of his cock and into my ass. After a final thrust, he emptied himself into me, then slowly, gently fucked my used hole a while longer before pulling out.

He lay on his back while I shifted to lie on my stomach so none of his cum would leak from my stretched-out hole. I rested my head on his chest, and he curled an arm around me, both of us staring into the dark of the room.

"How's school?" he asked me. I rubbed my hand across his strong, hairy chest, attempting to memorize every nuance gay twink takes huge cock.

"It's school," I answered. The truth was, for the first time in my life, school was actually easy for me. My old school was months ahead of my new school's curriculum, so I was breezing through my homework and tests like a freaking genius. The only real problem was the students had all known each other from kindergarten, and I had never felt more like an outsider.

"There has to be at least one asian gay gifs you could make friends with."

"There is one guy," I admitted, "He's kind of an outsider, I guess. He dresses in black all the time, and he has a safety pin piercing his left ear. A good-looking guy, but definitely weird."

"Weird can be fun," I heard him say, "You're not exactly the most normal kid. I mean, you are fucking your uncle."

"I suppose you're right," I muttered, moving to get up and make the morning coffee, running into a wall on the way. I padded into the kitchen and flipped on the light, which nearly blinded me. You don't really know darkness until you've lived in the country. With practiced precision, I had the coffee pot set up and running. Accomplishing that, I made my way back to Kurt, who was still lying in bed.

"So, what are we doing today?" I asked, excitedly. It was our first Saturday together, and after a week of cleaning house gay blowjob gifs, cooking dinner and doing laundry, I was anxious to go do something. Kurt came home exhausted from work all week and our morning fuck session was only the third time we had sex. I needed something to break up the monotony or I was going to teen gay gif go stark raving mad.

"I thought we could go into town and watch the new Star Wars movie," he told me, playing with my hair as I sat next to him on the bed, "Then maybe do a little shopping, maybe get you a phone."

"Then I could text you my dirty thoughts during the day," I laughed, "What else am I going to do with a phone?"

"There's still the chance that you might make a gay masturbation gif."

"I'm too busy for friends," I said waving my hand around the house, "Besides, I have you."

"The house doesn't need to be spotless, and I want you to have friends. You need to interact with guys your own age. You need to experiment."

"Are you suggesting I have sex with other guys?"

"I'm saying that I don't own your ass. If you find something with a guy your own age, a guy you can be open and honest with the world with, maybe even marry, then you should. What we have is great, but it's not sustainable. We can't be a couple that lives happily ever after. You need to realize that."

I considered what he was saying, then got up and started the shower running, inviting him to join me. He crawled out of bed and we showered, taking turns soaping each other up before rinsing off. It was fun and erotic at the same time, leaving me with a raging hard-on gay bareback gif.

"We need to do something about that," Kurt told me, slapping at my hard cock playfully, "You drain my balls, but you're not getting off."

He was right. Aside from the first time he fucked me, causing me to cum all over myself, I hadn't busted a nut in a week. I considered masturbating in the afternoon, while Kurt was still at work, but what I wanted was to have sex with my uncle.

"I guess I could start diving into your porn collection in the afternoon," I said, feeling like I had just been chastised.

"At least you would be getting off forced gay sex gif."

We got dressed, then fueled up on coffee and grits. On the way out of the house, we kissed, knowing we couldn't do that again until we returned.

The drive into town was quiet, but there was the promise of some sun. It rained a lot in the Big Thicket, sometimes even when it's sunny out, and I was quickly growing tired of the nearly constant rain. Kurt assured me there were more sunny days in our future, especially in Summer, but I only half believed him.

We got our tickets early, then walked around the mall, window shopping. At a bookstore, we went in, and I found a couple of graphic novels and a science fiction novel to occupy my time with. Bag in hand, we returned to the theater, ordered our popcorn and cokes, then found an acceptable seat. The theater was nearly empty, with no one sitting close by.

About halfway through the movie, I felt Kurt's hand on my crotch, He rubbed and squeezed my cock to erection, then unzipped my fly and pulled it free. He was acting nonchalant as he tugged on my hard-on, playing with it more than masturbating me. A thumb across the top of the head let us both know I was leaking precum like gay old men sex gifs faucet.

Looking around us to be sure we were still isolated from the rest of the thin crowd, he leaned over my lap and took my throbbing eight incher into his mouth. The feeling of his soft lips and warm tongue wrapped around my cock was exquisite, and I suddenly understood why the straight guys at my old school were willing to let me suck them off. I was in heaven, watching the movie while Kurt pleasured me.

I squirmed in my chair as the sensation of my pleasure washed over me, thrusting my gay big cock upward to push the head into Kurt's throat, causing him to cough instinctively as he gagged on it. For a guy who had never sucked a dick before, he was pretty good at it. I placed a hand on his short, curly hair, then lowered it to feel his fuzzy cheek and jaw flex as he sucked.

Mischievously, I carefully bent my upper torso downward and whispered "Milkshake" to him, reminding him of my cock sucking lesson. The suction around my cock increased and within a few more strokes of his velvety lips and tongue, I was shooting a heavy load into his mouth, washing me away with an intense orgasm. His head stilled as he greedily swallowed my cum, pumping my cock a few more times with his lips to milk my sensitive cock of every drop.

Kurt sat up and returned his attention to the movie while I fastened up my pants. I reached for his crotch, but he pushed my hand away.

"That was about you," he whispered in my ear, "You're not the only one who wants a hard cock."

I enjoyed the movie, and not just because of the gay blowjob gif. If I were allowed, I'd be the biggest sci-fi geek that ever lived. Sharing the experience with Kurt was just icing on the cake. I loved my uncle, for the usual reasons, but my affection for him was growing in leaps and bounds since I moved in with him.

After the movie, we headed to the food court for lunch. I chose chicken teriyaki and fried rice from the Chinese restaurant while Kurt settled with some spaghetti from the Italian place.

"How open are you to experimenting?" Kurt asked me, wiping spaghetti sauce from his lips and beard.

"You mean sexually?" I asked. He nodded. "I'm pretty open, why?"

"Just something I've been thinking about."

"Like what? It doesn't involve women, does it?"

"It's a secret until I know I can pull it off."

He changed the subject and we continued talking, even after we were finished eating and doing more window shopping to walk off some of our lunch, but I couldn't stop gay masturbation gif wondering what kind of surprise he might have in mind. I mean, fucking is fucking, right?

Before leaving for home, Kurt bought me a new laptop that folded into a pad, probably because I was always using his when he wanted it. It rained again on the way back, but then the sun came out and it almost warmed up a little. The fire in the iron stove had died out, so Kurt worked on starting a new fire while I unboxed my new computer and went through the motions of setting it up. We went to Astro Café for dinner, and I was met with a withering look when Sherry learned it was my cooking that was keeping her from flirting with Kurt. I smiled at her sweetly, reminding myself it would be me he was fucking tonight, and not her.

We headed for bed early, giving us plenty of time to fuck. It started with a kiss that prolonged itself from the living room, where Kurt built up the fire, to the bedroom, where we started peeling out of our clothes, locking lips whenever possible. Kurt seemed especially turned on, so I was anticipating a thorough fucking.

His cock was semi-hard, bouncing slightly from his heartbeat. I dove to my knees and took him into my mouth, working at swallowing him whole. It was something I knew I could only do while he had a pliable semi. At full staff, he was just too thick to shove down my throat.

"Oh, shit!" he exclaimed, "no one has ever done that before hunk male porn."

I continued deep throating him until he was fully erect and could no longer manage it. He pulled me off him and my ass spasmed with excitement. To my surprise, he got on his knees and took my cock into his mouth, working it over with soft strokes, trying to return the favor and swallow me whole. He accomplished it once before choking and gave up. Reaching into the nightstand for the lube, he tumblr gay fucking positions tossed the bottle to me.

"You're up, slugger," he announced.

I looked at the bottle then back at him, confused. He got on the bed and lay face down, presenting me with his lean, muscular ass. I quickly put two and two together. Uncle Kurt wanted me to fuck him!

I took the lube and crawled in between his legs, taking stock of his beautiful ass. It was hairy, especially in the crack, well formed. I lubed up my fingers and pressed my index inside him. I noticed him wince.

"You've never done this before, have you?" I asked him, slowly finger fucking his tight, hairy hole.

"You know I haven't," he answered, "But I've always wanted to."

"Why now?" I wondered aloud, "Why me?"

"I wanted my first time to be with someone special," he answered, "And you're the first person I've ever been this open with."

I lubed his ass some more and pushed two fingers into him, fucking his little hole as deeply as I could.

"You haven't done this either, have you?" Kurt asked me, looking at me over his shoulder .

"No, I haven't."

"Have you ever fantasized about it?"

"Not really," I shrugged, "I'm more of a bottom tumblr gay muscle ."

"Tonight, you become a man," he smiled, "A full-fledged homosexual."

I could feel his sphincter grip my fingers tightly, then give up. I added a third, stretching him out as much as possible before giving him what he wanted. I was nervous man fuck man xxx, hoping I was good at something I had never done before gay solo gif.

I lubed up my cock and positioned myself above Kurt's body, holding myself up with one arm as I used the other hand to guide my cock into place. I blindly pressed the head of my cock between his ass cheeks, but I failed to find the hole. I tried again, and again I failed. Kurt reached back and grabbed my cock. I now used both hands to keep me above Kurt as he guided my cock to its target big shaved gay cock.

I pushed into him, feeling the tight warmth grip my cock, stroking it as I entered him. He moaned as I slowly sank into him, sliding as deep into him as I could.

"How are you doing?" I asked, lowering myself down to my elbows to whisper in his ear.

"I'm good," he answered, "Just don't go too fast too soon."

I started out fucking him deeply, giving him a chance to get used to having a cock in his ass. Then I started giving him a long slow stroke, since it was my favorite way to get fucked. I could feel my excitement mount as my cock was pleasured by his tight ass ring, and uncontrollably began fucking him hard. I was coming close to cumming, so I pulled out abruptly. He looked back at me.

"Roll over," I told him as forcefully, as manly as I could.

He flipped onto his back and shimmied across the bed into his place. I leaned over him, my hard cock throbbing for release, and put his ankles on my shoulders. I pressed into him again, quickly bottoming out. His hole wasn't as tight as it had been, but it was still tight enough to please me. I wanted to fuck him, to cum inside him, but I wanted to look him in the eyes when I did.

I started fucking him again, then made eye contact. I smiled at him, and he smiled back at me. Looking down at his cock, I saw he was hard and leaking a lot of precum. I drilled him hard, fucking him with all my worth, then buried my cock deep inside him as a powerful orgasm shook through me and I unloaded my seed deep in his hairy ass, collapsing on top of him.

Once I caught my breath and regained my senses, I crawled on top of him, planting his familiar ten inches in my ass and began bouncing on his cock, ramming him into me. In a quick move, he pinned me to the bed and began fucking me hard, his cock like a piston in my ass, working toward his own release. He came in me with an animal grunt, then kissed me softly.

"Thank you," he told me, "That was ever bit as good as I imagined it would be gay handjob gifs."

We lay together for a while, then slowly drifted into sleep. I did feel different, more of a man, and hoped we would get to share the fucking duties in the future.


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