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"Nice post @rexagod, may the word of functional programming be spread! I'm glad you didn't have much trouble with Leaflet.DistortableImage library " | Read more » 22 days ago
"Awesome post @rexagod ! You have nice technical writing skills! " | Read more » 22 days ago
" Hello @warren ! I have decided that I would like to be a mentor for GSoC 2019. If you could update me with next steps I would be very glad. Thanks! " | Read more » 4 months ago
" Hi @IshaGupta18 ! Very nice and complete proposal, congratulations! Depending on what happens, I would be glad to help you out as a mentor. The pa..." | Read more » 4 months ago
" @bansal_sidharth2996 thank you for the clarification, but I was well aware of that. I just meant that I would be very happy to help this community..." | Read more » 4 months ago
" @warren thanks! I opened an issue in plots2 for this (https://github.com/publiclab/plots2/issues/4891). " | Read more » 5 months ago
" Hey @warren! I have an idea. Right now it seems there are much more students than mentors. I have a decent knowledge of JavaScript, I have created..." | Read more » 5 months ago
"Hi @rexagod ! Very nice ideas! Complete react migration seems quite ambitious, but having developed apps using react and react native I can say tha..." | Read more » 6 months ago
" Good catch @MaggPi ! I've made a quick search on the topics you mentioned, I hope it helps. -Environment Monitoring IoT: in terms of software, Ed..." | Read more » 6 months ago
" Hello! If there's anyone interested in mentoring a mobile project in particular, please get in touch igor.wilbert@gmail.com. Thanks! " | Read more » 6 months ago
" @warren yes, this is basically my proposal so far. Thanks! " | Read more » 6 months ago
"@warren since both use JavaScript to manipulate HTML, CSS etc., their functionality could be the same, except for that in the mobile version it is ..." | Read more » 6 months ago
"Thank you for your comment @warren ! Actually from what I know Electron works well for desktop cross-platform development (Windows, Linux etc.), no..." | Read more » 6 months ago
" Hi everyone! My name is Igor Wilbert, I'm a computer science from Brazil and I'd like to join GSoC 2019 with Public Lab. Thank you Mr. Warren for ..." | Read more » 6 months ago


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