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Mapknitter 2.0

by xvidun | March 12, 2014 20:39 12 Mar 20:39 | #10165 | #10165

Mapkniiter 2.0:

This is just a gist of the features map knitter will have if my project goes forward. I'm not a great designer so feedback and corrections welcome.

All images will be auto knitted using the EXIF metadata. So when an image is selected it will automatically go in place, probably not perfectly.

Upload Interface(basic).


  • List of user uploaded images:

    • This area is located at the bottom, probably can be toggled to show/hide or even a global button to hide distractions completely(zen mode?).
    • Selected images will be auto knitted and can be saved after corrections, can select one image at time to knit.
  • Sorted list of images from a region.

    • List of images depending on the image selected from the uploaded ones and knitted(sorted with closeness and time).
    • How many images? Probably let the user decide or implicitly send depending on calculations(closeness).

Open discussion:

  • Should we go with the current interface or club the uploaded ones and "other images" together while making them distinguishable?
  • Should we load the "other images" by default or only upon request. I think usually people would like to see some data.


Neat idea! are you imagining auto placement and manual rectification, or will the images be automatically rectified as well?

for autostitching packages, you may want to look at this list of structure from motion packages. MicMac has a built-in geocoding feature.

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Yes depending on the GPS image meta-data available this project will look into rectification as well.

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