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This is an upgrade for spectrometry. Try building it and report back how it goes.

Reduce light inside foldable PL spectrometer

by xose | November 22, 2016 22:09 22 Nov 22:09 | #13722 | #13722

xose was awarded the Basic Barnstar by madeinussr for their work in this research note.

What I want to do

Reduce reflexions inside the papercraft foldable spectrometer.

My attempt and results

Following one of the upgrade options suggested by @warren for the Desktop Spectrometer 3.0
I painted the inside of the spectrometer using black ink. A standard black papercraft has no more than 80% of grey so using the black ink (I've used Staedtler mate ink) darkens the color very much.
I also taped a papercraft "wall" inside the spectrometer with a hole on it to reduce posible reflexions too as indicated in warren's post.

Questions and next steps

The papercraft I use generates some grey areas in the black part of the images and by now, I'm not having this artifact using the painted one. I'm not sure how much of the darkness increase is due to the paint or the "holed wall" inside.
Anyway I think It can be possible to darken the spectrometer with paint and some walls inside.
I'll build another one with two or three "walls" and post some pictures this days comparing them.

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very cool! Also see the newer prototype I did a while back -- high hopes for it to be a bit more robust:

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Impressive work warren!! Thanks!!

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@madeinussr awards a barnstar to xose for their awesome contribution!

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Hello @xose! Very glad to meet you over audio today. I came across this:

And was very excited to see it -- would you be able to post it to the site? I see you are using a raspberry pi, as well!


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Hey @warren It was a pleasure to assist to the inner workings of the lab and really great info to go on with the testings Definitely I'll post this as a build of the Desktop spectrometer. I'm trying to do it with raspberry pi seeking an autonomous device. Don't know where can I get specifically in relation to the camera. I'm on my first stages of python learning so It's going slow. Today approaching the laser and cuvette box. As soon as I can I'll post it ;)


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By the way, the research on the foldable spectrometer got a little bit delayed because of this. But just delayed ;D

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Oh great! Do check out this node.js lib designed originally for work in a raspberry pi!

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