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A nice summary of using common gas emission lamps (like the ubiquitous neon indicator lamps available from many sources including radio shack) for spectrometer scale calibration:

In the event the webpage disappears, I've tarred up a version for archival purposes (Edit: attached--- and this time it worked, thanks Warren!)

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Whoops, oversight on the tar/gz formats. They're allowed now!

Great article. I've never looked at a neon lamp with my spec.

BTW it reminds me to add units to the graphs at I think in nanometers; i'm sure others may prefer angstroms or even wavenumbers...

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Thanks for fixing that. [BTW: might want to add .tgz to the allowed extensions too]

The scale on my in-progress build has wavenumber, frequency, wavelength and electron volts. Just because it can :-) I personally only use nanometers, but chemists and physicists have an annoying way of wanting the others, so the handy conversion reference is right there in the photo.

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OK i just committed code which allows for wavenumbers too; I think that's probably the main alternative to nanometers... I can add more units later but it seems silly without demand. This is the main confusing conversion I'm faced with in looking at other spectra.

I'm probably going to push the code out in the next few minutes.

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I have introduced unexpected bugs. This is why i shouldn't push code to the production server when i'm tired.

will fix in a sec

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OK fixed!

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