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Infragram Tidepooling

by wward1400 | June 14, 2013 06:09 14 Jun 06:09 | #8196 | #8196

Tidepooling is a good way to get outside & go explore a new area more in depth. I went out to Seacoast Science Center & Odiorne Park in Rye, NH, to see what I could capture with the Infragram camera.

What I want to do

I wanted to get outside & see what I could find along the shore. I tried out the Infragram camera to see what would show up.

Infrag_SSC_SE_vis1.JPG Infrag_SSC_SE_ir.JPG

OdiorneSSC_vis.JPG OdiorneSSC_ir.JPG

Infrag_SSC_wallshoals_vis.JPG Infrag_SSC_wallshoals_ir.JPG

My attempt and results

I took pics along the coast of New Hampshire & Maine around low tide. Now, I have a strong visual image that shows what plants can be found at low tide.

The above pics were from Seacoast Science Center & Odiorne State Park at Rye, NH. I found the contrast striking & am excited to see what results I'll get from balloon mapping similar areas.

Kittery Point, ME: Night shots, well lit from streetlights (below)

Wells Point Harbor, ME: Sandy Supplemental Appropriations Bill Funding, Salt Marsh Remote and Subsistence Harbors USC Title 33 › Chapter 36 › Subchapter II › § 2242
Proposed changes: Harbor Maintenance Act of 2013
Subsistence Harbors (below)
WellsHarbor_lowtide_ir.JPG WellsHarbor.JPG

Questions and next steps

The next step is to process the raw images into NDVI--just wanted to get more eyes on this.

What are some ways I could track changes in these seaweed beds? How could I track whether the seaweed & seagrasses are covering more area or moving closer to the shore?

Could this be used in Oyster Restoration projects?

In the future, I could send up the Infragram camera on a balloon or kite to gather aerial imagery of the coast at low tide. The images could be added to Mapknitter to make a map displaying plant health.


Will, the intertidal zone is a great subject for infrablue. Aerial shots at low tide are going to make striking maps of Fucus distribution.

Is this the same camera that Liz used to take her Brooklyn shot: ? Your infrablues look a little dull in comparison. Any idea what the difference is? I tried making NDVI and NBG from them and they came out dull too. Could you list the camera specs and settings?

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Same camera. Canon PowerShotSD4000 IS f/2 1/1250s Center Weighted Average Metering

The Brooklyn shot you mentioned was resized to 2000x1500 pixels.

I remember cycling between autofocus & infinity, but not seeing an immediate difference. I wonder if my exterior blue filter had too many abrasions, was possibly smudged, or a small amount of salt spray.Do all of the images come out dull when processing in to NDVI & NBG?

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ah, no, i think it's not the same camera -- Liz's was an A495, no?

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Jeff is right. I didn't follow the link--my apologies. I thought Chris was referencing a nightshot of a Brooklyn restaurant:

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So there seem to be a few possible reasons that the intertidal infrablue photos are dull compared to other infrablue photos. One is that it was a cloudy day. Some of my cloudy day infrablues with Rosco 2007 are not much snappier than Will's intertidal shots. Another possibility is that the CMOS SD4000 has a different response than CCD cameras. But Will's intertidal shots do not have a blown out blue channel -- the red channel is brighter than the blue as it should be.

Although Liz's Brooklyn tree shot is much snappier, the one in my research note ( was punched up a bit. But the original is quite a bit more colorful than many other infrablue photos, and it is not possible to punch up those others to look as nice as Liz's. Maybe it's just because that shot was partly toward the sun. Is the Rosco filter on the inside in that A495? Maybe that makes a difference. Is it a 2007 filter?

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