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Super video of thermal infrared spectroscopy

by warren | September 24, 2012 15:31 | 90 views | 1 comments | #3988 | 90 views | 1 comments | #3988 24 Sep 15:31

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Jeri Ellsworth (after a brief intro to mass spectroscopy) demonstrates a very simple DIY mid-infrared spectrometric detection of a fluorocarbon using a soldering iron as a black-body radiation source, an infrared detector from a home security motion sensor as the detector (starting around 3:00 in the vid). This is truly amazing and although it doesn't address the issue of filtering for a specific wavelength, is a very impressive use of common household materials to do mid-infrared sensing! Video is long but definitely worth the watch!

I wonder if a reflective grating and a slit could help separate out wavelengths and make a full mid-infrared spectrometer possible at DIY costs.


Wow, Jeri also has a video (maybe less useful for us, but amazing) on a really amazing hack -- converting the receiver from a satellite dish into a microwave imager -- like the TSA uses. Hers uses the same "painting with a sensor" technique as our thermal flashlight:

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