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Limited "Steampunk edition" spectrometer - photos

by warren |

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OK, so we've gotten a little silly in the past few days and in that spirit we've made designed more spectrometer. It's brass. It's wood. It's engraved. But it's functionally identical to our $300 countertop model, and has the same imaging chamber as our $35 kit. But it really is complete vanity, so we're offering 5 of them for $1000 each to help support the Public Lab nonprofit.

You'll want to watch the video, below, because we got especially silly and spoofed the iPhone 5 release video. We're not really calling this the iPhotometer 5, but we just had to try to sound as design-drunk as Jony Ive & company. So enjoy the shallow focus!

And more photos:






Hilarious and amazing!

!!! looks awesome. nice work

Absolutely awesome clip!

This makes me wish I had a requirement for another spectrometer. Unfortunately, I can only justify the kit as a toy for me to play with.

Beautiful spectrometer, and funny clip. I would buy 2 if it weren't for the price tag.

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