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Filter pinwheel for multispectral sensing

by warren | June 05, 2011 20:25 05 Jun 20:25 | #331 | #331

Our two spectral imaging systems represent different approaches integrated with standard CCD and CMOS imagers: sequential rotating filter wheels (RFWs) and lithographically patterned dichroic filter arrays (DFAs). The RFW approach offers the ability for rapid configuration of a spectral system, and a whole new level of self-contained image acquisition, processing and on-board display. The DFA approach offers the potential for ultra compact imagers with acquisition of images of multiple wavelengths simultaneously, while still allowing for processing and display steps to be built into the camera. Both approaches lend themselves production of multi-wavelength/spectral imaging systems with differing features and advantages.

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Thanks for the post.

Anyone here tried the pinwheel approach?

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