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Balloon Mapping iPad app

by warren | May 26, 2011 17:06 26 May 17:06 | #301 | #301

(above image by Gret Curtis, CC-BY)

Leif Percifield was asking about the possibility of an iPad app to view balloon images and even do a little stitching in the field just as images come down off a balloon. Even if this isn't the final stitch, it's nice to run through the process with such immediacy.

Hearing this, i remembered that at Science Hack Day in San Francisco last year, some grassroots mappers did actually make an iPad app. I wasn't sure it actually allowed stitching but here's the relevant info:

The blog post about the event and the app: The source code:

Grassroots Aerial Mapping



I don't have an iPad, but wondering, is there a way that photos could be downloaded from a camera on the iPad while out mapping? I was just looking at the "features" and don't see a place for a card or USB cable?

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yeah i think apple doesn't want you to be happy. There's a $30 adapter:

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I downloaded it but cannot seem to do anything with the app in the simulator. It has been a long time and I have forgotten how the provisioning process works with xcode for building to the device instead of the simulator. It may require a ios dev account or team membership with an active account as well.

Shannon, I don't own the camera adaptor but I have used it several times and seems to work well. The usb one unofficially lets you use usb keyboards, just plug it in and it works if you want to do lots of typing. It should be included but there are worse gadget accessories offenses out there with the $30usd for 2 adaptors. Dropbox is helpful for this too, images can be saved to the device if need be or kept on the web.

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