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Infrared camera how-to guide for GM Forum

by warren | May 17, 2012 23:42 17 May 23:42 | #2105 | #2105


I'd like to see good bit of the introduction to NDVI, a quick note on hacking the cameras accompanied by this image, and something on interpreting images-- which doesn't seem complete.

that should be enough to explain the process and spark interest, we can then point people back to our site if they really want to build the tool, with a teaser about mounting cameras and dual camera triggering.

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I can do some layout work next week on the introduction to NDVI as is (converting the images to greyscale, etc.)-- i'd focus energy on the image interpretations, as that's the thing that is really going to need the work. its important to show that we think we can show something with the data.

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We have an outline coming together -- 6 small text sections (with some small illustrations) around a central large graphic. I'll post some starting graphics soon, but we were going to source a lot of the text from the existing wiki pages.


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Hey Mathew - based on your feedback, I put together a shorter amount of text which touches on the main steps but is more an introduction than a guide.

I agree about interpretation, but at this point, we're not there yet in this tool's development. I think the most we can confidently say is that "low red color correlates with crop stress" and the same with "cool" areas of an NDVI image. Part of the New Hampshire cropcover trials project is to get better at interpreting infrared, so I think we'll make progress on that soon, but we just aren't there yet (beyond simply reading and regurgitating the remote sensing literature, which is typically not on the same scale as our data).

New text (full text, not an outline):

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