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Notes from Tuesday PLOTS staff call

by warren | April 06, 2011 00:50 06 Apr 00:50 | #157 | #157

Stewart Long, Shannon Dosemagen and I caught up given that we're all working on PLOTS full time now; we're going to have bi-weekly meetings.

We discussed various topics, but I mentioned that my goals this week include:

  • front page changes - adding a slideshow or accordion thing to shuffle through our active projects after showing the first "panel"
  • chrome on mac knitter failed -- couldn't get it to load base data.
    • giving it a first location - doesn't seem to accept lat/lon
  • KNC work
  • poster draft
    • color tests for readability
    • NAIP imagery backing up all our printed maps -- full bleed -- with 50% opacity
    • choose first 3 -- bay wilkinson, chandeleur balloon, stewart's choice
    • local descriptions from Shannon
  • budget discussion - proportions -- our plots team thread

Future work

  • logbook
  • FOSS4G - April 15 abstract deadline
  • video tutorials - contacting kristian hansen? and finding video funding...
  • could membership contributions be redefined -- with more concrete returns? related to open source?

Next meeting at 10AM Eastern Friday, April 8th -- email to participate!


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