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How to connect to a Vivitar $10 Walgreens camera

by warren | April 20, 2011 16:08 20 Apr 16:08 | #184 | #184


1) Uninstall the "My Camera" software, if you already installed it before. 2) Download the "all functions work" version of the drivers that Ron and Douglas provided links to. (On 12 Sep 07 and on 13 Jan 08) Unzip the file. 3) Plug in the camera via USB. 4) Go to Control Panel > Add Hardware. 5) Go through the Add Hardware wizard. Tell it to look for the driver in the unzipped driver folder from step 2. (The wizard gave an easy enough walk through. My camera was listed there with a yellow question mark. I'm not sure how it was labeled then, but it is now named MR97310 CIF Dual Mode Camera. I don't know if that applies to everybody.) 6) Restart computer (I don't know if this is necessary, but it can't hurt.) 7) BTW: I next went back to the Add Hardware control panel, and found that it recognized my camera as being connected. (You probably don't need to do this, but I thought it was worth mentioning). But at this point I still found no way to access the camera. So, on to the next step-- 8) Go to the unzipped file from step 2, and run the setup.exe there. This installs the "My Camera" Software. It'll tell you to restart your computer. Do it. 9) Hooray! Done. Open the software, download your pics. NOTE: I think I actually left my camera plugged in the whole time, but I don't think it matters, after the Add Hardware process is done. You may have varying results. I have Windows XP.


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