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Macro system for Spectral Workbench API

by warren | March 08, 2013 21:28 08 Mar 21:28 | #6247 | #6247

The Spectral Workbench API is getting a boost with a new system for sharing macros, released late this week. Since it's an early-stage release, there are few links to it on the website, but you can published macros and share your own it by visiting this page.

Some notes on the system:

  • currently it's only for Analyze page macros; the Capture page is being rewritten before we release the macro system there
  • we'll be improving both the display of saved macros (with syntax highlighting) and the editor; if you have suggestions, leave a comment here!
  • there will be a way to "install" or "favorite" macros for easy access, and a way to search for them
  • macros may have comments
  • the API continues to evolve but we'll hopefully be releasing some educational macros which will be both useful and educational

The macro system is where we plan to develop a lot of new features for the website; if you have JavaScript coding experience, this is a great way to get involved in shaping and improving Spectral Workbench!


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