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Plastics options for spectrometers

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After issues with the high reflectivity of some black paper stock in the near-infrared range, I wanted to double-check that the plastic we'll be using for our spectrometers is truly dark in the near-infrared range.

Above is Acetal Homopolymer Delrin 500 P BK602 in near-infrared, and here are some other options:

ABS - Polylac PA-765 in near-infrared: ABS - Polylac PA-765 in near-infrared

Polylac PA-746 (Black ABS): Polylac PA-746 (Black ABS) in near-infrared

ABS Lustran 433-904000 Black: ABS Lustran 433-904000 Black

ABS/PC Bayblend T85-901510: ABS/PC Bayblend T85-901510

Hylon Select N1000EHL (Black Nylon 66): Hylon Select N1000EHL (Black Nylon 66)

Maxxam FR PP 301BLK 1284-11S: Maxxam FR PP 301BLK 1284-11S


cool. how about glue-- will the glue dots work on all the types?

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Will check the glue dots. I asked for HDPE and all other options, this is all they sent in black... we can circle back but I think he probably grabbed everything they had in black? do you like PP though?

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