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Can you take NDVI/NRG infrared composites on a smartphone

by warren | February 26, 2013 21:17 | 116 views | 1 comments | #6128 | 116 views | 1 comments | #6128 26 Feb 21:17

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i.e. without removing the infrared block filter? Above is an attempt just with/without an IR-pass filter with an iPhone 4S - you don't get that bright white color from vegetation, though, so I think this may not work.

Visible and attempted near-infrared photos:

Fwd: Fold up ircam tests Fwd: Fold up ircam tests


There isn't tons of vegetation in the photo though. Maybe take a picture of a healthy indoor plant, just to be sure? I am sure you're right, but the grasses tend to shut down some processes for the winter, I think.

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