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Thermal flashlight temperature key

by warren | February 16, 2012 17:38 | 64 views | 2 comments | #795 | 64 views | 2 comments | #795 16 Feb 17:38

I made a diagram of a possible "color dial" for the thermal flashlight. It's a shared Google Presentation, so feel free to riff on it.

Edit/modify the diagram here:


I wonder if we can make these in a really DIY fashion where you just print out the color wheel and mark it up by hand with the temperature range that you are investigating...since the temperature range of interest will vary?

Also can we figure out a way to reverse read the thermal paintings so we can reasssign temperature values in case people want to quantify their thermal painting?

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For a flashlight with no knob, sure. I was thinking a knob would go in the middle of the color wheel:


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