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Spectronic 20 spectrometer for comparison to our own

by warren | December 08, 2012 01:13 08 Dec 01:13 | #5157 | #5157

Nadya just gave me a great present -- an old Spectronic 20 spectrometer (analog...!) which we can use to compare to our designs. Though since I'm currently assembling 1000 spectrometers and desperately writing code for SpectralWorkbench.org, I don't know when I'll have time to try it out...


That is so much better than any present I have received for a very long time. Don't forget to let it warm up before use! And may you never learn what the 20 in it's name refers to.

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Required viewing for Spectronic 20 owners:

Thanks to Nadya for discovering this one.

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Post some pictures of the innards!!

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