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Very clear spectrum through pineapple

by warren | December 24, 2010 14:34 | 136 views | 8 comments | #34 | 136 views | 8 comments | #34 24 Dec 14:34

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We had a workshop at Escuelab in Lima, using DIY spectrometers last Friday/Saturday, and one group (led by Luis) took this fantastic spectrum of sunlight passing through a piece of pineapple. See the very clear lines to the right side -- we'll have to compare to a reference sunlight spectrum and perhaps a water spectrum to see if we got anything from the pineapple itself.


We miss Escuelab! (testing email but it's true!)

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Here's testing email again!

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Puerto Maldonado strike continues, people can't leave town


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empty streets

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@icarito testing mail delivery

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Alkyl silanes are saturated compounds that consist of one or more silicon atoms linked to each other or one or more atoms of other chemical elements. A series of connected silicon atoms is called silicon skeleton or silicon backbone.

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