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NDVI test in Lima Peru

by warren | December 24, 2010 14:39 24 Dec 14:39 | #35 | #35

We've been talking about NDVI imaging and i finally gave it a try, using Photoshop.


What nanometer filter did you use for the middle image?

Also, here is a great youtube vid on how to make NDVI images in GRASS GIS:

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Sorry i answered you in the mailing list. I should install something to send an email alert if someone comments on your stuff, i guess.

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A long time later -- here's an attempt to use Image Sequencer to do this:,blend,ndvi,colormap

This isn't quite working yet, but here are the separated images:





And the original NDVI from the above image:


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OK - now able to do this by adding infrared first, then visible, then blending, then ndvi (red filter):


It's a little dimmer because I think we mapped -1..1 NDVI values to 0..100% brightness values.

Then colormapping:


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