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Toshiba "radiation camera" makes radioactivity heatmaps

by warren | December 15, 2011 17:03 15 Dec 17:03 | #641 | #641

The Portable Gamma Camera combines gamma ray data measured by its radiation sensor and an image taken by its camcorder with a signal processing device. And it shows the amount of radiation in different colors. It uses red color for high amounts of radiation and yellow, green and blue colors for lower radiation levels.

...the company improved sensitivity and measurement capability by about 30 times by using its own technologies to embed semiconductor detection elements and process signals and data. As a result, it became possible to detect a hotspot with a relatively low dose rate of 0.1μSv per hour (1mSv per year).

The camera measures 380 x 110 x 241mm and weighs 9.8kg. It is equipped with 128 semiconductor detection elements as radiation sensors. Its view angle is 60°. It can be powered by either an AC100V power source or batteries. When it is powered by batteries, it can be operated for three hours.


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