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Instructions for Desktop Spectrometry Kit & 'backpack' design sketches

by warren |

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Quick update; we've completely revised the assembly instructions for the Desktop Spectrometry Kit as a folded 1 page brochure-style printout (still letter-sized & monochrome!) with great new line art and 6 simple steps. It includes the CERN Open Hardware License and a list of contributors on the back, and uses the 1" conduit body from the latest design. Download it here:

desktop-kit-instructions-0.4.pdf (200 kB) (Updated to fix webcam focus issue)

Rigid "backpack" spectrometer sketches

Also, for the February (fingers crossed) shipment of rigid plastic spectrometer attachments for smartphones, we're starting to think about case design, considering:

  • the ability to mount it rigidly on a stand
  • adaptability to different phones
  • ruggedness and outdoor-proofing

Expect updates soon!

Rigid Backpack spectrometer sketchesRigid "backpack" spectrometer

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